The Toothbrush EP

by Sam Allen

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released August 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Sam Allen Nashville, Tennessee

Singer/Songwriter from Nashville, TN. Interests include: tennis, smoked salmon, and toothbrushes.

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Track Name: Falling All Over
Every time I see you I'm a little bit weaker
Every time I'm with you oh you give me that fever
Baby I'm helpless, You know I can't help it
Every time we kiss you taste a little bit sweeter
Don't know what it is, but I guess I just need ya
Baby you're precious, you make me breathless

You got me feeling like it's the first time
You got me feeling right, and I'm...

Falling all over all over all over all over all over again
Falling all over all over all over all over all over again
Ain't no way this love could end
When day by day I'm falling in, I'm
Falling all over all over all over all over all over again

Every single moment seems it's always getting better
Don't matter where we're going oh as long as we're together
Just being lazy
Feels kinda crazy
Maybe we'll see rainbows or a bit of stormy weather
All I really know is that we're gonna last forever
Darling you daily
Make life so amazing
Track Name: It Only Takes One
The desert is dry and the valley is wide
And you're praying for the dawn
You can't seem to find a glimpse of a sign
Just know that hope's not gone
Ooo just hold on
Ooo just hold on

It only takes a raindrop
To turn into a rainfall
To grow into a storm, make a world transform
Crash down these walls
It only takes one spark
It only takes one heart
To burn like the sun
To overcome
It only takes one

Nothing will change if you don't find a way
To run against the wind
So take a deep breath, and take a small step
Close your eyes and count to ten
ooo count to ten
Ooo breathe it in

One choice, one resolution
One voice, to start a revolution
One noise, one sound
It all starts here and now
Track Name: Toothbrush
Being alone with you
Is like being alone without the lonely
Having someone else that knows me
Like I do

Being asleep with you
Is like being asleep with no need for dreaming
Cus' it's a dream come true just being
Here with you

You're almost everything I need
If I could eat, if I could drink
If I could breathe you in with just one touch
You're one of my necessities
The recipe for all I need
Is you and food and water
And a toothbrush

Being alive with you
Is like being alive for the first time
When the pieces all fit just right
And I want to sing

Being awake with you
Is like being awake with eyes stretched open
Where the sunshine seems it's growing
Over everything
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I question if you're even there
Or am I just a voice making noise in the middle of nowhere
Sometimes I wonder
If you are listening do you even care
Have you left me alone with my soul while I'm gasping for air

I need to see you now
If you're out there please come out

Sometimes I need a little more light
sometimes I need just to feel more alive
Sometimes I need a little more proof
Sometimes I need a more tangible you
Sometimes I do

Some nights I wake up
I stay up and stare at the stars and the moon
Praying there is a place that is safe from the things I've been through
Some nights I wonder
If there's a heaven will I be there too?
Cus I am broken and bruised and confused oh and I don't deserve you

Father I need you now
If you're out there please come out

When I can't even muster a mustard seed
Hold me
Give me faith, give me peace
I know that
You're out there somewhere
But right now
I'm feeling so scared
Track Name: Right in Front of Me
Underneath the waves I felt the pulsing of the sea
I heard silence in the wind
Sleeping in my grave I thought that I would never see the daylight again
But you found me when

I thought I was alone all alone all alone
At the bottom of the sea
I thought I was alone all alone all alone
In the valley of the deep
But all along all along all along
You were right in front of me
You were right in front of me

Underneath the vine I prayed for fire and a flood
As I waited in your shade
But when the plant had died there was a sadness in my blood
I felt my hope start to fade
But you showed me grace

I ran to the night
You opened my eyes
Now I see you right in front of me
I tried to hide
You won't leave my side
Now I see you right in front of me